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Course evaluations and anecdotal  feedback

(Letter of support excerpts 2017)
“To whom it may concern:
I am writing the letter of support for Taking The Lead, LLC for opportunity that this company has provided for teachers of the visually impaired on the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind campus. Finding highly qualified teachers is difficult and the State of Arizona along with the nation is experiencing a shortage of teachers. The Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (ASDB) currently has …over 60 teachers of the visually impaired…25% …will qualify for a full pension within the next five years (and) …could create a shortage of teachers in this state…”
“Koehler understood the shortage…as an experienced administrator he set out to share his knowledge and training. He developed courses to support current certificated teachers…as current educators in their classrooms with a schedule of courses that work within their schedule.”
ASDB currently has teachers taking courses …that are cost effective and will allow them to be fully accredited… The graduate level courses are meeting the expectations of Brandman University… and the agency is …using staff development funds to ensure they are able to complete the courses.”
Dr. Kristen Rex, Assistant Superintendent ASDB

Letter of Support for Taking The Lead, LLC” (excerpts 2017)
“As with so many other schools across the country we struggle to find highly qualified and certified teachers for children with visual impairments.”
“There are traditional opportunities for teachers to receive specialized training. However, we found an alternative that is working well for us. …this is …very teacher friendly and teacher responsive… to get teachers trained in university recognized and university approved courses…”
…”Koehler understands the critical shortages of teachers. His experience as a teacher, principal, and superintendent as well as his in depth knowledge and training, is giving us a mechanism for getting current, research based training to teachers that they need to quickly get into the classroom and to provide high quality instruction to our students.”
“Our teachers report that he is responsive to their needs, willing to structure and schedule classes that reflect an understanding of the difficulties experienced by teachers who need university level training. Our teachers also report high levels of satisfaction with course content, organization, and delivery.”
 …”courses are cost effective and …textbook loans that are reasonably priced. The courses are fully  approved for graduate credit and meet rigorous expectations of the university. We find the costs of the classes so reasonable we use staff development funds to help with expenses.”
We are happy with the instruction and his willingness to work with our teachers to help close the gap in finding and keeping teachers for students with visual impairments. We would expect that in working with (Koehler) you will find a valuable resource in supporting quality instruction for all of our students.”
Annette Reichman, Superintendent Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

..." you are willing to work with teachers and their busy schedules which make this training available; your experience and research combine to put relevance to the courses- thank you! (Elaine; classroom teacher)

..."your courses and content are immediately applicable to my teaching. I have been able to take the content from class and use it right away with my students- excellent!" (Laura; teacher)

"Bill, I really appreciate your willingness to set class schedules that are respectful of my time." (Kim; classroom teacher)

...this class has been very exciting; every session is filled with great information that I can use right away." (Amanda; special education teacher)

"this is a great course for anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher of students with visual impairments..."
(Marilyn; special education teacher)

..I have already seen a change in my language. Now I say student with a vision loss; rarely do I use a generic term "blind"...
(Edward; special education teacher)

..."getting professional development credit has been great for completing my recertification requirements..." (Robert; teacher)

..." you made us think about the why of the strategies rather than telling us that is just the way we do it..."           
(Karen, special education teacher)

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